Data protection law is an increasingly important compliance concern for operators in the public, private and third sector. Organisations’ use of outsourced systems and Software as a Service (SAAS), and the increasing globalisation of business means that data protection compliance frequently becomes an international challenge. At the same time, penalties for non-compliance can be severe. Reform in European data protection law has resulted in stronger enforcement powers and heavier penalties still, with jurisdictions elsewhere around the world following suit. Data protection has become an increasingly serious challenge for legal, compliance and risk professionals, who may already be overstretched.


We have a dedicated team of experienced data protection lawyers, who can advise on all aspects of data protection law, whether pre-emptive compliance advice, or response to data breaches. Thanks to our international network of foreign lawyers, we can also handle multinational projects.


Our data protection compliance advice includes data-flow mapping and data inventory analysis; notification with data protection authorities; creation of data protection documentation; advising on complex, cross-border transfers, and data sharing arrangements with third-party service providers and group companies (including international group companies). We have also developed innovative training solutions to help organisations ensure their employees have an appropriate understanding of their obligations. Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to deliver practical, effective solutions.


If the worst should happen and you suffer a data incident such as a data breach, or cyber-attack, we can help guide you through the aftermath, including working with IT, public relations and other relevant professionals to help mitigate the situation and responding to the ICO. Our highly experienced team can give you support when you need it most.